Looking promising

21 Dec

Another couple of days playing and exploring.
Where am I so far ?

First I have to say that I am so glad i got the Kensington Bluetooth keyboard. without it text would be a bit of a nightmare. my trailing pinkie is forever touching the screen. to type with speed would require a new approach to data entry. maybe people used to text entry from  other smart phones and touch screen devices will not have too much of a problem with this.

I loades a few games and though i am not supposed to be using it for games it seems quite impressive. The quality of the video meets my expectations. As a leasure device this is going to meet my expecations. thourg the navigation and configuration will take some getting used to.

But I was also looking for a business tool and companion. So far things look promising. I was new to the whole application market thing having never owned an iphone or smart phone of any kind. I suppose its because I am not in the uk while setting up and testing somehow the initial setup has not worked as per the dotype  cumentation. I seem to be denined the inital free sony content. But Ill take this up with sony when I get back to the uk.

Initially when setting up I tried to use my exixting email to register where necessary but I soon abandoned that and set up a new gmail account for all things sony tablet related.

So email wise I am setup. I was starting to look around for a word processing application but have decided to hold off on that while I experiment not using a dedicated word processor but just the text entry mode of any app. The main down side of this is that it will expose my attrocious spelling. !
Wordpress is not as seamless an interaction as it should be and keeps prompting me to update safari which I assume it has detected as my browser. I of course have no idea what browser I am using as I have not downloaded one by choice.  only have the WWW applet that was part of the default setup. I expect everyone will be suggesting I use firefox for android. but thats something to worry about later.

I set out my stall today to get a remote desktop session to my home bassed server. Wow

How easy this was to go to the android  app finder  and get the most frequetly downloaded remote desktop app. This installed and sonnected to my home server second time. the first time was using the host name and the second was ip address – hey perfect – no problem.

So Far




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