One way to learn it is to use it.

I wanted to use something other than my laptop to comunicate with.

I liked the idea of the capability of a smart phone but never was never really happy squinting at the display.

I did not want an ipad because. I did not want to be tied to the i opperating system.
I looked at a few options then decided 350 pounds was my max. I would go to a store and listen to sales persons advice.

I left it late to do the street level shopping around so was limited to the airport shop at Gatwick.
I was fortunate enough to find a keen salesperson who was able to spout knowledgeably about the ones they had in stock.

After listening to the blurb and counting my pennies I chose the entry level sony.
It was not the nicest from a display quality point of view . But the one I liked the best was beyond budget.

So here I am with it.
Here is my blog on how I get on.


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